workshop for dietitians

Join Adrien Paczosa for a 1/2 day Virtual Workshop

Be Fearless with your Money & Marketing 

Discover how to uplevel your private practice by taking charge of your finances and your marketing.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to plan and track your money so you grow your practice. 
  • Ways to kick the CRAP outta your marketing and get more results.
  • How a Mastermind can be life changing and help you overcome your roadblocks. 

 Build sustainable growth that is track-able and predictable! 

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The Be Fearless with your Money and Marketing Workshop is a place to learn ways to make the changes you need in your business to grow. 

You also get the opportunity to learn from, and mastermind with, two experts - a Business Coach for Dietitians and an Online Marketing Strategist.  

Are you struggling to get more done or make something special happen in your private practice? But are STUCK?

Stuck and feeling ...  

  • Frustrated with your income level and worried you will need to get a J-O-B?
  • Lost trying to get a project off the ground and out of ideas?
  • Looking to market something 'new' in your practice and no idea how to reach your ideal client?

Join us as Facilitator, Adrien Paczosa, leads you through a half day of intensive thinking and working to get you unstuck and transform your private practice when it comes to money and marketing.  

Not only will you learn how you can talk money and understand how it affects everything in your business, and know the steps to take that can change everything. 

You will also learn from marketing expert, Kathy Colaiacovo, who has worked with Dietitians all over the world, and discover ways to easily create marketing content that connects with your prospects so you can bring more clients into your practice.  

There is also a mastermind session that offers you a chance to focus on one challenge that you will present to the group for discussion and ideas to overcome it. In turn you will also be offering advice to your fellow group members on their challenge. Masterminding is one of the best ways to move past all the issues out of the way and take action to build and grow your practice

The investment for this Be Fearless workshop is only $97.00 - Click the button below to register ...

Meet your Speakers

Adrien Paczosa, Registered Dietitian and Business Coach for Dietitians. Founder of I Live Well Nutrition Therapy and Fearless Practitioners. She loves helping practitioners uplevel their business and change their lives. 

business coach for dietitians adrien apczosa
kathy Colaiacovo marketing strategy

Kathy Colaiacovo, President of Pepper It Marketing Services, Inc. She has worked with Detians all over hte globe and truly 'gets' nutrition entrepreneurs and how to market your business.

The workshop is being held on June 22, 2019 from 9am to 1pm Central  


Here is the agenda for the day....  


Let's Talk Money with Adrien  

This session will share with you why tracking your finances is critical to your success. Adrien will be sharing the #1 tool that helped her shift her business from struggling practice to successful practice and income.  

Kick the Crap Out of your Marketing 

Guest Speaker, Kathy will show you how to create content that will help you put your best foot forward with your marketing and with an easy to follow content planning system. Learn what to say and not say in your marketing to attract your ideal client. And yes, She will be talking about blogs, because they are important - more than you realize!  

Mastermind session

We will review the lessons of the day and everyone will share with the group what you want to change with your business and the steps to make it happen. Define your roadblocks and Adrien and Kathy will help the group will mastermind ways to overcome these blocks and ideas to move forward.  


workshop for dietitians

Ready to Take Action? To change the path you are on and learn new ways and ideas to grow your private practice?  

Join Adrien Paczosa for this 1/2 day virtual workshop on June 22nd, 2019 from 9am to 1pm central time and for only $97.00.

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